Just because you work with numbers doesn't mean you want to be one.  Our size allows us to do things other firms can't.  Whether we're creating a strategic business plan, analyzing a company's market value, preparing tax returns or performing a year-end audit, we take our clients from start to finish. We don't just offer plans to our clients, we help implement them.

The people who make up our team come to GK because they want to make a greater impact on a larger business. They come here because they want a more complete engagement with clients and their businesses; they want to develop positive relationships with their clients and provide innovative, end-to-end business solutions.

Our people stay here because they want a family atmosphere that encourages teamwork.  They know that the breadth of experience they will gain while here at GK will allow them to pursue the specialty interests they desire, they know GK is invested in their progress, and they understand advancement is assumed, guided by our use of career development, mentoring and our open-door philosophy.

Career Development

When most individuals enter the profession, they are confident that they want to succeed.  From day one, GK is there to ensure the resources you need to achieve your goals are available.  We'll work with you to develop your career objectives and advance you along your chosen career path.  You will receive constant feedback and encouragement from partners, managers and staff alike and each year GK will work with you to evaluate your progress and plan out the next steps.

Mentor Program

Starting with your first day on the job, you are assigned a fellow colleague with several years experience at GK to be your “mentor.”  Although we have a firm wide open-door philosophy, we have found that having one person dedicated to ensuring you become acquainted with your new surroundings, provides an additional comfort level as a new employee.  Your mentor is there to provide you with information on where the calculator ribbon is stored to getting familiar with the firm's software systems to specifics relating to requirements of a complex engagement

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If you're looking to apply what you've learned in school to real world client situations, then our internship program is for you.  We believe it is important for students interested in joining the public accounting profession to get a wide variety of experience during their internship so they are able to make an educated decision on the career path they have chosen.  Regardless of the time of year, we ensure interns that they will see all that public accounting has to offer at a large local accounting firm; from tax return preparation to accounting and auditing engagements to special projects that clients often request.

We are always looking for bright and energetic individuals to add to our growing team. If you're looking to make a difference and develop relationships with clients, while developing your career and relationships with your co-workers, we invite you to come grow with GK.