Our Culture

Gould Killian CPA group is founded upon eight core values that guide how we operate our firm, but also how we work with clients and our wonderful downtown Asheville community. These core values were developed through a collaborative process between our partners to distill what it really means to work for and with Gould Killian CPA Group. Providing a healthy work environment and flexible work options like working remotely are important to us, as our staff have many different needs. Gould Killian values hard work and dedication to our clients, as well as to each other. Although we do work hard, we also play hard and enjoy spending time together outside of work through firm sponsored events that include attending Asheville’s minor league baseball team, days of community service, happy hours in the many breweries and restaurants that surround our office and an annual company holiday party.

Core Vaules

  1. We believe that the financial information we report, the advice we give, and the numbers we generate have meaning and, consequently, affect client’s decisions and directly impact their financial well-being. Because of this, it is critically important that the work we do and the advice we give is accurate, reliable, clearly communicated, and timely.
  1. We believe that to generate such work requires strong technical skills, broad experience, intimate knowledge of the client, and professional curiosity. It also requires a methodical and comprehensive approach, critical thinking, and a proactive use of our technical skills.
  1. We strive to provide our services with a cost-benefit approach that results in a fair fee to the client and a profitable practice, without compromising the quality work we value.
  1. We are a good corporate citizen, investing the time, talent, and financial contributions of the firm and its members in wide-ranging civic, professional, and charitable organizations.
  1. We support the professional development of our staff with training, a collaborative work environment, and feedback. We expect intellect, drive, and professionalism from our staff.
  1. We insist upon ethical behavior and honesty, and our clients and those with whom we interact depend on it.
  1. We have a respectful, caring workplace with close working and personal relationships. A good portion of our lives is spent together. We want this time to be affirming, to foster personal and professional growth, and to be financially rewarding.
  1. We strive to cultivate the practice in such a way as to help ensure its continued success and its valuable service to our clients and the community.